Jon Stewart Apologized To Megyn Kelly After She Called Him ‘Mean,’ Or So Megyn Kelly Says

Call me skeptical, but in a Q&A interview with Megyn Kelly on Reuters, the Fox News anchor claims that Jon Stewart — whose biggest punching bag on The Daily Show has always been Fox News — doesn’t target her as much as he used to because she called him “mean,” and he felt bad about it.

This does not sound like Jon Stewart, folks.

From Reuters:

Stewart doesn’t bother me as much as he used to. He used to do these segments on me all the time, and then one day on the air I said he was mean and then he called me up, and we had an hour-long talk. He explained that he didn’t mean to be mean and that he does satire and that he claimed I was ‘one of the three journalists he respects.’

I said, ‘Well, it sounds like you’re looking for absolution, and I’m not giving it.’ We had a good laugh. He was very good-natured. But I understand what he does.

Was this before or after Jon Stewart “apologized” to Megyn Kelly on air after she accused him of taking her quotes about Santa Claus being white out of context? Because this, by the way, wasn’t really an apology. It was more of a, “Are you f**king kidding me with this, Megyn Kelly?”

Anyway, I’d be less skeptical if Kelly hadn’t added that Jon Stewart considers her one of three journalist he respects. Really? One of only three? Charlie Rose. Brian Williams. And Megyn Kelly? From Fox News? The anchor who once reported that the Environmental Protection Agency used unmanned drones to spy on farmers? Maybe it was the GQ photo shoot he respected?

Source: Reuters