Jon Stewart Finally Ripped CNN For Its 'F*ck It, Let's Go Nuts' Flight 370 Coverage

Senior Pop Culture Editor
03.25.14 22 Comments

CNN is probably hoping Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 never gets found. Since the plane crashed, got LOST, was sucked into a black hole, etc., their ratings have doubled, meaning they’ve gone from 12 viewers killing time at the airport to 24. One reason behind CNN’s recent success is the fact that no theory, no explanation of what happened to MH370 is too stupid to NOT cover. Or in the words of Jon Stewart on last night’s Daily Show, “Oh sh*t, we’ve got 23 hours and 59 minutes left to fill. F*ck it, let’s go nuts!”

Don’t worry, there’s enough Flight 370 stupidity to go around to MSNBC and Fox News, too.

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