Jon Stewart’s CNBC Takedown On Last Night’s ‘Daily Show’ Was A Thing Of Beauty

Cajun Boy already hit one excellent clip from last night’s episode of The Daily Show, but I’d be doing all of you a disservice if I didn’t also direct your attention to the opening, which featured an extended, delicious takedown of CNBC’s coverage of JP Morgan Chase’s recent $13 billion fine/penalty/settlement thingy (financial term) stemming from the 2008 mortgage-backed securities fiasco.

The segment is a joy to watch from beginning to end, but the real kill shot comes in the second clip, when Stewart uses Jim Cramer’s own words and buffoonish horn-honking clownery in an old clip — AGAIN — to make him look like … well, like a buffoonish horn-honking clown. Someone should really let that guy know that the things he says on camera live on after the words leave his mouth. Actually, no. Let’s not. This is too fun.