Kate McKinnon And Aidy Bryant Giggled Their Way Through An ‘SNL’ Sketch About Raw Meat

By now, people know what to expect when they watch Season 46 of Saturday Night Live. People really want to see what political insight the show’s cold open will have. If they’re interested in the person hosting, the opening monologue will be of interest as well. And Weekend Update is always a chance to find a good joke or two about the week that was. But more than anything, people seem to want to see Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant play very silly characters and try to make each other laugh.

The latest instance of this came on Weekend Update on Saturday, when McKinnon and Bryant got to giggle over an extremely weird sketch about Easter dinner options. The concept of the sketch is simple: Vaneta Starkie (McKinnon) and Wylene Starkie (Bryant) own Smokery Farms, a company that wants to make vegetarians and vegans feel better about potentially eating meat on Easter because all of the animals they kill apparently have been real jerks.

“This spiral ham comes from a little creep who bites fingers and shoves kids real hard and far,” Bryant said. “So feel no guilt when you slice his ass and feed him to your grandma.”

The rest of the meat is treated as such (“This lamb went to a plantation wedding a week ago”) and there’s even some blood from an animal, for some reason. The whole point of the sketch is to make other people in the cast laugh, and that was certainly a success. Both Bryant and McKinnon had the giggles, and the end of the sketch involved making Colin Jost touch the raw ham for himself.

It may not convince anyone who doesn’t usually eat meat to make an exception on this or any holiday, but the cast certainly seemed to enjoy putting on a show here.