Ken Bone Claims He Still Doesn’t Know Who He’s Voting For

Hey, remember Ken Bone? Big guy? Glasses? Red sweater? Claims he (somehow) isn’t sure if he’s voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Bone… Ken Bone went viral less than two weeks ago, which in internet time, feels like an eternity. But he’s accomplished a lot since becoming famous for having a funny name: the Red Sox left him playoff tickets (the Bone curse is real), he was offered $100,000 to “participate in a live show” (so, porn), Bone Zone shirts went on sale, he forgot to delete his Reddit comments about Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nude photos, and last night, he covered the third presidential debate between Clinton and Trump for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

More importantly, Bone claims he’s still an uncommitted voter, which seems impossible at this point. “I have not decided. After I have decided, I’m not telling anyone, not even you, even though I love you,” Bone told Kimmel. “Once I tell anyone who I’m voting for, I lose my opportunity to just say get out and vote. I don’t care who you vote for, I just want everyone to get to the polls and make their voice heard.” He added, “If you don’t listen to the fat guy from St. Louis, you’re not listening to your heart and conscience.” That sounds noble and all, but to quote Bill Maher, “After 15 months of this campaign, he’s still too stupid to pick Hillary over President P*ssy Grabber?”

Stop being such a bonehead, Ken Bone.

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