Ken Jeong Is The First Cast Member To Make Plans For Life After ‘Community’ (And The Morning Links)

Ken Jeong, who plays Senor Chang on Community (although, barely these days), becomes Community’s first series regular to jump into pilot season, landing a supporting role in Rob Corddry’s ABC sitcom, Spy, which is based on a UK series. In the series, Corddry plays the well-intentioned dad of a highly intelligent and verbal son who also happens to be his complete opposite. Corddry’s character inadvertently takes a job at the Secret Service in order to prove himself a worthy father. Jeong will play the “lithe and mischievous Examiner.” Community, which hasn’t been a hit with critics or audiences since its return, is coming off of two weeks of dismal ratings. Deadine is reporting that Spy is in the second position, but ABC is clearly assuming Community will not return next year. Given how terrible NBC’s ratings are across the board, it’s hard to bet on anything.

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