Kevin Hart Thinks Bill Maher’s N-Word Use Was ‘Inappropriate,’ But Believes The ‘Real Time’ Host Isn’t Racist

06.06.17 11 months ago 5 Comments


Criticism of Bill Maher’s attempt to mesh a hard N with a snappy talk show retort has understandably been swift and severe. During his Tuesday appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Kevin Hart was asked for his take on his comedy peer’s remark. Hart’s feelings? Maher’s actions were unquestionably wrong, but he’s not going to brand the man that used the slur as a racist just yet.

“I’ve seen Bill Maher come to the defense of black people on several occasions,” offered Hart who made clear that he does not approve of the “joke” even with that qualifier. “That’s a bad judgment. Granted, I don’t think Bill Maher is a racist, but that’s a bad judgment.”

Hart, who is a fiercely diplomatic comedian that’s even made a point of avoiding Trump jokes to not alienate fans, doesn’t believe Maher will make the same mistake twice. That said, he unpacked what Maher’s n-word gag projects to the world and what it says about the man that said it.

“It’s inappropriate and it’s not right,” explained the comic. “To say that and to say it the way you said it as comfortable as you said it in a joking form, you’re wrong. Granted, you can issue all the apologies you want … you know he says it around friends. It’s not something that he’s not going to say anymore. But for you to say it on your platform, that’s tacky.”

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