Kevin Spacey Finally Reveals Who Frank Underwood Is Speaking To

Thanks to television shows like The Office and Modern Family, documentary-style film-making that relies on characters speaking directly to the camera is now so ingrained that most of us barely even think about it anymore. House of Cards uses this device a bit differently, however, breaking the fourth wall to have main character Frank Underwood speak not to a perceived camera crew, but directly to the viewer.

But who exactly is Frank Underwood speaking to? Like, in the head of the character? Stephen Colbert posed the question to Kevin Spacey on Wednesday night, because he says that Underwood is actually talking to “people on a 10-hour Netflix binge, sucking on boxed wine.” (I prefer bottles of reasonable quality that fall below $10, thank you.) Spacey finally pulls back the curtain, and the answer is somehow enlightening, predictable, and slightly disappointing at the same time. Watch at your own risk.