‘Key & Peele’ Set Out To Educate Men With This ‘Menstruation Orientation’ Sketch

On Wednesday’s episode of Key & Peele, the duo assumed the identities of Shaboots Michaels and T-Ray Tombstone to educate men about female menstruation.* Few male comics attempt to tackle the subject of periods — the most notably I can think is Dave Foley’s “good attitude towards menstruation” on Kids in the Hall — and certainly none have nailed it like Key & Peele did last night.

Shaboots and T-Ray start off by telling the men in the audience that “once a month, half of the human race is in pain, and the other half don’t wanna hear sh*t about it.” They also explain why men should be “be nice to their b*tches when they’re bleeding” by hilariously detailing the grueling ordeal women go through every month, my favorite being: “Every time they pee, it’s like The Shining in the toilet.” Personally, I like to go with an Evil Dead reference, but close enough.

Later, they demonstrate how to use a tampon (“that ain’t space dynamite!”) proving that, yes, it’s the worst thing ever, all the time. I’m not sure how Key & Peele managed to pull off something that’s actually kind of feminist (?), using lines like, “Learn what your b*tch has to go through!,” yet somehow they did.

* The clip has actually been online all week, but I only caught it when it aired last night; sorry for being the worst.

(Via Key & Peele)