Jimmy Kimmel Asks Oblivious Kids To Explain How Babies Are Made

For most kids, the subject of sex is a squeamish one. At a most basic understanding, they know that piece A goes into piece B and then nine months later a baby happens, but beyond that it’s a gross, disgusting mystery wrapped in an enigma smothered in secret sauce. (On second thought, let’s cut the sauce.)

So what better subject for Jimmy Kimmel to have asked of random children on the street than “how babies are made,” with the logic that it would be less embarrassing for kids to learn it from other kids. With all due respect, that’s a terrible idea. The results speak for themselves, as the answers range from “ladies tummies,” to “the downstairs goes into the girl’s downstairs” to “from boobs” to “it’s weird… knowing that my parents have to do it.”

But the biggest props of all go to the husky kid at the end who couldn’t be less interested in the ordeal of sex, who can do little more than shake his head disgustedly and make retching noises when questioned. Finally he blurts out, “I’m not in fifth grade yet, I shouldn’t know this stuff” before admitting that he saw it happen in Star Wars, of all things, and it looks “really gross and painful.” Uh, I want to know what episode he’s watching.