A ‘Killing Eve’ Prequel Spinoff Is In The Works To Showcase A Younger Version Of A Spy Chief

Killing Eve is currently churning through its final season, and in my review, I politely requested a Konstantin spinoff, and it sure looks like I’m not getting one. Yet!

There’s still hope on the horizon, though, but the first order of business, it seems, is for BBC America and AMC Networks to bring the early story of a spy chief to life. That’d be Carolyn Martens, the high-ranking MI6 officer (and head of Russia’s desk) who may not have initially seemed like a spinoff-grade character, but they’ve been spicing her up, for sure, including a Season 3 arc that revealed her previous romance with Konstantin. Oh, and Carolyn also went HAM in the Season 3 finale while whipping out a gun and killing that weasel, Paul, after making Konstantin grovel for mercy.

Killing Eve Season 3 Finale
BBC America/AMC

Yup, it sure seems like they’ve been setting up Carolyn for more intrigue, given how she’s hell-bent upon vengeance for Kenny’s death in the present timeline. And that could build curiosity for seeing her origin story, especially since the show’s already included one for Villanelle. Deadline has confirmed (following The Sun newspaper’s first mention) the in-development goods, and it’ll probably be a prequel “likely looking into her time as young spook in the former Soviet Union.”

Bring in the young Dasha, too. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about spinoffs, either. Previously AMC Networks has signaled that this would be the drill as the show builds some sort of Eve-verse. Heck, why not. Season 4 looks like it’s building for the future, and now, things look set to build for the past as well.

(Via Deadline)