Watch Jimmy Kimmel Fight Back Tears Wishing David Letterman Farewell

Jimmy Kimmel, who will be airing a Jimmy Kimmel Live rerun opposite Dave Letterman’s final Late Show tonight, gave a moving tribute to the retiring late-night host last night and chronicled just how much his idol has meant to him over the years. He shared stories of being a teenager and staying up late with his friends to watch the show, drawing pictures of Letterman on the covers of his text books, getting surprised with a Late Night cake when he turned 16, and even getting a “L8 NITE” vanity plate on his first car.

Choking back tears, Kimmel thanked Dave for everything he has today, not just for the influence, but for being a guest on his show, which eventually led to his own late-night program. Even Kimmel’s band leader Cleto got into the spirit, thanking Paul Shaffer for his impact. It was a poignant reminder of just what we’ll be losing when Letterman takes his final bow tonight.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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