The Guy Who Did The Voice Of Arnold In ‘Hey Arnold!’ Got All Kinds Of Hot

You might not recognize his face, but the bearded man you see above provided the voice for Arnold on the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold!. Lane Toran (also known as Toran Caudell) was a very accomplished voice actor as a teenager, having voiced Arnold for the show’s first 41 episodes (that’s when his voice changed) plus the bully Wolfgang, as well as King Bob on Disney’s Recess. He did some acting on 7th Heaven and some movies, but then he dropped out of the spotlight completely. But while he grew up, nostalgia for everything ’90s has swelled to a fever pitch on the Internet — and so, apparently, has he.

Because nowadays, 33-year-old Lane Toran is a pretty handsome dude, bearded and long-haired and rocking a very hipster look while living in L.A. and occasionally acting in shows such as Nashville, it looks like he’s doing pretty well.

He is very active on Instagram, posting pictures of himself with his equally beautiful girlfriend:

"The most beautiful curve on a woman is her smile."

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Today we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary @jaclynbetham ❤️

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But he’s also got an eye for a nice picture just in general:

Sunday cruising with Jolene #66mustang

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But don’t think he’s forgotten his roots or the fans he made since Hey Arnold! In this video posted today, Toran expresses his gratitude for the attention he’s been getting:

So don’t feel guilty for thinking this is a beautiful guy. He’s clearly a lovely human being inside and out.

(Via US Weekly)