This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Featured A Gay Kiss That Set The Internet On Fire

The Walking Dead fans are already well aware of the non-controversy that happened last night when two gay characters kissed during one of the final scenes in Sunday’s brand new episode. Apparently, there are still many out there who feel the need to express their outrage at homosexual scenes on television and have not accepted it as part of the lexicon. Why? Because hatred knows no bounds, and because they obviously haven’t seen Modern Family, Empire, or any of the great many shows that portray gay couples. It’s part of life, guys. Get over it.

Yet, much like a large portion of people who do not understand addiction and believe it’s a choice, detractors of homosexuality still consider the subject taboo because they either A) are not homosexual or B) have no one in close relation (family, friends) who are homosexual. In other words, they fear what they know not.

With that said, here are haters doing what they do best.

And then there was backlash to the backlash…