Please Allow Jimmy Fallon To Advise You On What Books To Avoid Reading This Fall

11.07.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

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If you would’ve asked me ten years ago if Jimmy Fallon came off as a “reader,” I would most likely slap you for speaking to me and continue shopping for Hawaiian shirts. I was a lonely guy.

I would also be dead wrong because Fallon knows his books and he knows what books to avoid, providing a public service to his viewers by detailing the ones to avoid this Fall and holiday season.

Stocking stuffers these ain’t.

Some favorites here include the book “Be Your Own Undertaker,” pictured above (not to be confused with the WWE superstar who you could never be, as proven by Summerslam 1994), A book detailing proper meat handling procedure titled “Meat Stretcher” and a tome with plenty of personal attachment, “Parking Lots I’ve Eaten In.”

It honestly does a poor job of making me not want to read the books and brings to mind a recent acquisition to my library called “Satanism: Is Your Family Safe?” But there are a few nice quips from Higgins aka NOT Andy Richter throughout the bit and it will at least pique some interest.

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