Latest ‘Arrested Development’ Photos Show Michael Cera Giving The Old College Try To Wooing A Girl

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08.11.12 9 Comments

So far we’ve seen breathless Arrested Development season four set photos for Michael Bluth (kind of) and Lindsay Bluth and Tobias Fünke, and yesterday, we got our first look at George Michael Bluth, who manages to look more awkward than he did six years ago. He’s now evidently attending the University of California, Irvine (go Anteaters!), and by the looks of the pictures, trying to woo a pretty young thing — her? HER! — while riding Gob’s segway, labeled with a “state evidence” sticker. Pretty sure I saw that exact scene in Williamsburg last night. And with these four photos, Michael Cera has been forgiven for Paper Heart AND Year One.

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