Lauren Ash Talks ‘Superstore’ And The ‘Office’-Related Question She Always Dodges


When you have an ensemble comedy like NBC’s Superstore, it’s hard not to play favorites and for plenty of fans, Cloud 9’s no-nonsense, avian enthusiast, assistant manager Dina tops the list.

Comedian Lauren Ash has been bringing her to life on the small screen for the past few seasons, fully-committing to every absurd storyline, romantic coupling, and even a surrogate pregnancy plot. She plays Dina with equal parts brash and an off-kilter vulnerability that transforms what might normally be a two-dimensional laugh generator into a fully-rounded comedic tour de force. And she does it in sexy cop costumes, khaki uniforms, and pregnancy bellies.

Uproxx chatted with Ash about what’s in store for her character in season four, how she’s muscled her way into the comedy space, and the one Office question she’s never answered … until now.

First, how are you coping with your loss to your co-star Ben Feldman on Lip Sync Battle? I think you might have been robbed there.

Listen, you and the rest of the internet, okay. Let’s get real about this. He was relying on things like props, using masks in my image. That’s cool, if that’s what you need to use to win, I hope you’re able to sleep well at night. If we’re just going performance to performance, I think it’s a no brainer. I was doing intricate choreography, okay? I poured milk on my tits. What more does America want?

Has he just been insufferable now at work?

You know what, I think he’s been pretty hurt about the whole thing. The internet really has turned on him, everybody saying I deserve to win. Just today one of the crew members said, “You know, Lauren really should have won,” and he was like, “Yeah, I know, I know. Everybody’s telling me that, I know.” I mean the funny backstory about that is we are really good buddies, we got approached to do it and he was like, “I don’t know,” and I was like, “Ben, I want to do this so badly. Please, do it for me.” So, he kind of agreed to do it for me, and then he ended up winning, which just doesn’t feel right.