FX’s Marvel Series ‘Legion’ Swaps Bodies In A New Promo

FX’s upcoming Marvel series Legion has had a few rather curious promos, but hasn’t really dug into just what happens in the series. But we’re starting to get a few hints, including this trailer that shows off one of Legion’s powers.

Legion, remember, is the son of Professor X, suffering from disassociative identity disorder, better known as multiple personality disorder. His power is that all his identities have a superpower, and which power he can use changes as he cycles between them. The problem, of course, is that each personality has its own morality, he has literally dozens of “alters,” and becoming lots of different people can cause pretty severe trauma on its own. By the way, this isn’t terribly accurate to the state of modern psychiatry, but then again, it is a superhero show.

And now we have to throw body-switching into the mix, as he kisses the girl and then, uh, accidentally swaps bodies with her. So, at least temporarily, Legion will see how the other half of the world lives, and we assume will have a few hijinks as well as a disturbing realization. This is, after all, a basic cable drama series. We’ll find out just how this switch goes next year.

(via YouTube)