Lena Dunham Topped Adam Sandler’s Chris Farley Story With Her Chris Farley Sex Secret

Until James Corden takes over in March, The Late Late Show is being hosted by a revolving lineup of famous people. Last night was Judd Apatow’s turn, and he stayed in his comfort zone by having buddy Adam Sandler, Girls co-creator Lena Dunham, and the generally awesome Maria Bamford as his guests. A clip of Judd and Adam “back in the day,” wearing “sassy shirts,” was shown at one point, leading Lena to admit that she would have slept with either one of them.

Sounds like the plot of a three-hour comedy-drama, somehow still starring Judd’s daughters. Later on in the show, OCD-like tendencies came up, and after Sandler revealed that Chris Farley was a compulsive licker, Lena one-upped him with a secret about having sex with Farley.