Let’s Try To Guess What Miss Venezuela Said During Last Night’s Miss Universe Pageant

The most gorgeous woman in the universe (for the next 365 days) has been named, and her name is Olivia Culpo from good ol’ America. U-S-A U-S-A TAKE THAT BOLIVIA. Culpo is the eighth apple pie and baseball fanatic, minus the apple pie, to win the competition, and first since Brook Mahealani Lee in 1997, but she’s not who everyone’s talking about today. That honor is bestowed upon Miss Venezuela, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero.

When asked which new law she would make if she could and why, Quintero responded with some incomprehensible, circular rambles about…I have no idea. Something about surfing? Needless to say, English is her fourth language, after Spanish, Portuguese, and Fremen. That being said, then poorly translated, her answer still made more sense than anything that’s ever come out of host Andy Cohen’s mouth.

(Via Gawker)