Lifetime Wants To Get In On The Manson Murder Business

manson's lost girls lifetime movie
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Looks like the David Duchovny-led Aquarius has done wonders for the telling-stories-about-Charles-Manson business, and Lifetime is looking to milk the cash cow. However, Manson and his story won’t necessarily be the focus of the new television movie.

According to Deadline, Manson’s “girls” get that honor:

The network has greenlighted Manson’s Lost Girls (working title), an original movie about the circle of teenaged girls who fell under the demonic spell of Charles Manson and helped carry out brutal killings meant to start an apocalyptic race war.

The character of Charlie will be a part of the production, but he won’t be the main event. Instead, his titular “girls” — played by MacKenzie Mauzy, Eden Brolin and Greer Grammer — will take much of the TV film’s spotlight.

Jeff Ward is set to play Manson, though since this is Lifetime, I bet Will Ferrell would do a pretty good job.

(Via Deadline)