Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Producing Patrick Rothfuss’s ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’ For Showtime

Showtime announced that today the network is developing The Kingkiller Chronicle with Lin-Manuel Miranda and showrunner John Rogers. Miranda will also compose the music for the series.

The collaboration between Miranda and series author Patrick Rothfuss was first announced late last year. The show is being hailed as “a subversive origin story of legendary proportions set a generation before the events of the trilogy’s first novel, The Name of the Wind,” and follows two musicians on adventures in Temerant, the magical world in which the books take place.

“Showtime has always championed bold storytelling,” Lin-Manuel Miranda said in a statement. “Pat Rothfuss’ Kingkiller series is some of the most exciting storytelling I have ever read. I could not be more thrilled to help bring the sights and sounds of his wondrous world of Temerant to the screen.”

Miranda is a vocal fan of the series, which has sold more than 10 million copies, and has been for some time, writing a glowing review for the Name of the Wind 10th anniversary edition cover.

In fact, the two engaged in some wishful thinking on the subject way back in 2015.

And while we don’t yet know when to expect the series, I think I speak for all of us when I say: