Links: Whoa, Rashida Jones Was on ‘Chappelle’s Show’

07.01.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

I’d forgotten all about that. I like her with a little bit of baby fat. She’s too thin now. [@XmasApe]

Chris Hansen’s Most Memorable TCAP Moments. Remember that time he caught the guy who wanted to have sex with the underage girl? [Uproxx]

Breaking news: all sports canceled forever. Five Songs For The NFL & NBA Lockouts. [SmokingSection]

Basset hound in sunglasses. Deal with it. [bunnyfood]

The Best Of #Party Down. It was a year ago yesterday that the Starz comedy got canceled. Sad trombone.[Uproxx]

The Dugout: Meet the UltraMets. They scored as many runs in four games as the Mariners do in the course of a month. [With Leather]

Frotcast 54: Actual movie talk, plus poop transplants and Lindy West’s unique ability to cause beefs with everyone from Thomas Lennon to Gawker commenters who blog on livejournal. [FilmDrunk]

Come for the face-melting guitars, stay for the puppet violence. Mastodon’s video for “Deathbound.” [AdultSwim]

Meet Yoda, the world’s ugliest dog. After your mom, that is. [today]

Lisa Kudrow and Conan O’Brien dated before they were famous. I did not know that. [NYDN]

GIF: How do you say it? Apparently a J-sound is the more correct way to say it, but the hard G is also acceptable. [Gizmodo, which can also be pronounced Jizzmodo]

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