Is This Lisa Lampanelli Tweet About Lena Dunham The Worst Tweet Of All-Time? Yeah, Probably.

Okay so you already have a hint that the tweet I believe could be the worst tweet in Twitter history involves a photo of Lisa Lampanelli and Lena Dunham — “2 trifling ass white bitches” — kickin’ it together, probably chasing “the blacks” around a bar somewhere in Brooklyn or something, right? You probably think that there’s no way it can get any worse than this. Well you’re wrong.

Are you ready for this?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my nomination for the worst tweet of all-time

There is so much wrong with this. Where to even begin?

First of all, obviously no white person — even one who claims to have dated “the blacks” back when she was fat — should refer to anyone as “my nigga.” Secondly, the last person on earth who should be referred to as such is Lena Dunham, the most awkwardly, painfully white girl ever. Finally, anyone who uses the term “beyotch” regularly as Lampanelli does should be sterilized for the sake of humanity’s future.

Congrats, Lisa Lampanelli. You have taken Twitter to a new level of terrible. Alec Baldwin approves.