Listen To Beck Play A Fantastic Rendition Of George Harrison’s Classic ‘Wah Wah’

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09.23.14 2 Comments

If you asked me what the best of The Beatles solo albums is, I would most likely point towards George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass from 1970. I know John Lennon or Wings would be a popular choice, but I don’t think you have go too far for, arguable, a perfect album. I also think Harrison provided most of the best late-era tunes to The Beatles catalog, so I’m biased.

I bring it up because Conan is paying tribute to Harrison this week and the re-release of his solo work by having several artists stop by to cover some classic Harrison tunes. From Team Coco:

CONAN salutes the legacy of George Harrison with a week of performances from music superstars – including Beck, Norah Jones, Dhani Harrison and Paul Simon – playing live versions of some of Harrison’s best-loved songs.

Now they probably won’t be doing any Beatles songs, but I could be wrong. I do like Beck’s rendition of “Wah Wah” and I’m interested to see what the rest of the week holds. If anything, I’m now interested in revisiting those Harrison albums. Good work, marketing!

(Via Team Coco)

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