Why Working For Liz Lemon Would Make Your Life Easier

If Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) didn’t have some kind of emotional, pseudo-familial attachment to the collection of weirdos and slackers under her employ, there’s no way those people would have been able to keep their jobs. Rude, crude, unhinged, and perfectly willing to jack someone’s special sandwich — they were all monsters, but they were her monsters. And in a way, that kind of dedication (and ability to rein in the circus and actually put on a show each week) made Lemon a great boss, even if she, herself, exhibited behavior that kept her from being a model employee.

For those times when you find yourself staring out the window wondering when the tyrant who signs your paychecks will move on to torture someone else, here are a few more reasons why Liz Lemon would be the perfect boss.