‘Loki’ Fans Are Thrilled At The Apparent Confirmation Of A Fan Theory (And They’ve Got Another Theory, Too)

SPOILERS for Loki will be found below.

After toying with viewers over the course of the first two episodes, the “Evil Loki” that’s been murdering TVA agents (a.k.a. Minutemen) across the timeline has finally been revealed. From the looks of things the villainous character appears to be Lady Loki, which may confirm a long-simmering fan theory that’s been bouncing around the internet after diligent Marvel fans learned that Sophia Di Martino had been cast in a mystery role.

Because Twitter has no chill, “Lady Loki” immediately started trending just a few hours after Loki Episode 2 premiered on Disney+, which is one of the perils of releasing shows in the dead of night. But while the spoiler-averse probably won’t be thrilled to see the character’s name bouncing all over their feed, the Marvel fans that adjusted their sleep schedules accordingly are loving the Lady Loki reveal:

After The Falcon and the Winter Soldier gave MCU fans a break from formulating wild theories, Loki is already sparking WandaVision-levels of speculation. Most notably, that Lady Loki appears to have created the multiverse, which many assumed would be Wanda’s job:

More potential SPOILING may be found below:




On Twitter, another theory is forming that Lady Loki is not actually Loki, but instead, she’s Enchantress, a well-known villain from the Thor comics. That theory is bolstered by her line about not wanting to be called “Loki,” and also by what appears to be an unintentional reveal in the Spanish version of the credits. Di Martino is listed as “Sylvie.” Why is that important? The full name of the Young Avengers version of Enchantress is Sylvie Lushton.

Either this is a masterfully placed red herring, or Marvel needs to tighten up their credit game.