Lorde Sent An ‘X-Factor’ Contestant Cupcakes After He Was Bullied By The Judges

2014 MuchMusic Video Awards - Press Room
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A contestant from X-Factor New Zealand was humiliated by two of the show’s judges during Sunday night’s live show.  Natasha Kills, one of the show’s harsher judges, ripped aspiring singer Joe Irving apart with her critique. Her main point of contention was that Irving was blatantly copying her husband Willy Moon’s style by wearing a tailored suit and combing his hair. Here’s the clip:

Willy Moon interjected his thoughts into the conversation by comparing Joe Irving to Norman Bates saying he was “dressing up in his mother’s clothing.” After these berating and rather odd comments, the aspiring singer received a gift of support an unlikely fan: Lorde.

According to Mashable, X-Factor CEO Mark Weldon isn’t happy with the remarks the judges made and it looks like Kills and Willy were asked to leave the show immediately.

(Source: Mashable / X-Factor)