Los Pollos Hermanos, Gus Fring’s Restaurant From ‘Breaking Bad,’ Has A Yelp Page, Naturally

The man above, Walter White, does not look like a satisfied customer of Los Pollos Hermanos, the fried chicken restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Judging by the reviews the restaurant has been given on online, however, he is an outlier. The Yelp Reviews are in, and Los Pollos Hermanos is a five-star eating establishment. Don’t believe me?

See for yourself.

The near perfect reviews for Los Pollos Hermanos were tainted, however, by one man who expressed disappointment that the Blue Sky Special is no longer on the menu.

Mmmm. Spicy fried chicken. I also understand Los Pollos Hermanos is running a sweepstakes for a free trip to Belize!

Here are some pictures for the establishment, which is “good for kids” and quiet, but also, has neither WiFi service or table service. But the finest ingredients are brougth together in loving care and slow-cooked to perfection. The old ways are still best at Los Pollos Hermanos. One taste, and you’ll know!


(Source: Yelp via Reddit)