'Louie' Recap: The 7 Most Soul-Crushing Moments From 'Miami'

07.13.12 7 years ago 13 Comments

When you’re overweight, everyone around you looks picturesque. I used to be not quite morbidly obese, but definitely fat, and whenever I’d go swimming at a friend’s house, I was that guy who refused to take his shirt off. My buddies won’t notice how much I weigh if I keep my white t-shirt on, was my reasoning, one that I knew was full of flaws, but I still wanted to believe it. What other choice did I have? Lose the weight and get thin? Fat chance.

You take what you want out of every episode of Louie. In “Miami,” there was a lot to take, such as 1) being a straight guy who just wants to hang out with another straight guy, 2) talking to your ex-wife about your new relationship, even if it’s not what she’s thinking, and 3) finding out new things about something you thought you knew everything about.

But it’s the early portion of the episode that I found the strongest and the funniest. Then again, I haven’t hung out with a ruggedly handsome lifeguard in some time, so that “I’m straight, not gay, but don’t want to explicitly come out with that, so to speak, because we have social conventions that don’t allow us, as men, to say things like that, for whatever reason” hasn’t resonated lately. Being fat, though, that stays with you forever.

  • Lifeguard is a really literal job title, isn’t it?
  • I want to chase chickens
  • That ridiculously attractive girl had some nerve stealing a strawberry. But ridiculously attractive can do that.
  • Louie‘s Miami is a lot better than Dexter‘s Miami.
  • Always forget that C.K. is half-Mexican.
  • The word “pantalones” is always funny.
  • That moment where a friendship with someone new gets weird.
  • The “making of” end credits clip was awesome.
  • Line of the night: “I know it’s not popular to say, but I hate balloons.”
  • Next time Louie hits Miami, here’s hoping he bounces in the club where the heat is on.

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