Louis C.K. Says His Disappointed Fans Are ‘Miserable Pricks’

News & Culture Writer

In case you missed it, Louis C.K. was on The Late Show with David Letterman talking about “DeflateGate” last night, and among the other topics of conversation were his Madison Square Garden shows. As amazing a feeling as it is commanding the attention of 15,000 people, Louis C.K. admits that no matter what, he always knows that there’s like 1,000 disappointed fans in the audience — and he can see each and every one of them. But he puts the blame squarely on those people.

Louis also talked about how for years he wasn’t allowed to perform at Los Angeles’ The Comedy Store — where he just filmed his new standup special — because the club owner and Pauly Shore’s mother Mitzi Shore didn’t like him. Her loss?

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