Louis C.K. Wrecked Cars and Went to China for the Third Season of 'Louie'

As part of his whirlwind press tour for the upcoming season of “Louie,” comedian and all-time #1 Uproxx favorite Louis C.K. appeared on The B.S. Report with ESPN’s Bill Simmons. Their conversation touched on things like how Louis avoided getting complacent after all the accolades the second season received (“What you do is, you make it harder. […] if you do something where everybody says you nailed it, then in order to keep that fear you gotta make it harder. […] Keep taking yourself out of your comfort zone”), and how much he enjoys hate-watching Aaron Sorkin’s shows (“… and then he made ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,’ and that show is so terrible. It’s like the worst thing anybody ever did … and I anticipated watching that show with more glee than any show I ever liked.”) But the highlight for me, because I am an 8-year-old who loves shows with globetrotting characters and things going crash and/or boom, was this exchange:

LOUIS C.K.: [Season 3] was the most difficult season we’ve done so far. We did more logistical … we traveled, I did an episode in Miami, we did an episode in Boston, I went to China…

SIMMONS: You went to China?!

LOUIS C.K.: Yeah we shot in Beijing. I hate to give it away, but I can’t keep it inside that I went to China. It was a crazy thing.

SIMMONS: Holy mackerel. How long were you in China?

LOUIS C.K.: Just two days. We shot it and got the hell out of there. It’s crazy. Yeah, we did a lot. We wreck some cars, we do a lot of fun action in this season.

Look, I know this is a long shot, but … do you guys think the third season of “Louie” could actually be the next installment in the Fast & Furious franchise? It’s all there: shooting in Miami, Boston (“HE-AH IN SOUTHIE WE RACE CAHHHHHHHHS FAH BLOOD”), and China; wrecking cars; “fun action.” Hell, he even said he was taking himself out of his comfort zone, and switching from a dark, extremely thoughtful comedy to a show filled with action sequences and NOS would certainly do that.

Like I said, it’s a long shot. But definitely something to keep an eye on.