Here’s Louis C.K. Explaining To Letterman How He Got Cut From An Entire Martin Lawrence Movie

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01.28.14 2 Comments

Last night we alerted you to Louis C.K.’s very Louis C.K.-esque thoughts on fame from Letterman. Well, CBS finally took a break from not uploading Grammy performances to upload the rest of the interview on the Late Show YouTube page, and let’s just say there’s a part about Louis’s first movie gig and what a remarkably incompetent actor he was that you should most definitely give a watch.

And when you’re done with that here’s Louis and Dave discussing the episode of Louie that C.K. recently shot in China and how he’ll never return to Beijing. It’s pretty much everything you need to know about traveling to China at the moment.

Beijing, China: “Giant Dayton, Ohio.” Seems 1000% accurate.

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