Even The Gilmore Girls Wouldn’t Be Able To Find A Table At Netflix’s ‘Luke’s Diner’ Pop-Ups

A Variety piece on TV salaries published yesterday revealed that the titular Gilmore girls, actresses Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, are getting paid $750,000 for every episode of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life revival, which debuts Nov. 25. That’s also approximately the number of cups of coffee handed out at various Luke’s Diner pop-ups across the country today. More than 250 coffee shops were transformed into Stars Hollow’s least cell phone-friendly restaurant, and based on literally half my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds (Luke would not approve of this), it was a huge success, with lines stretching out the door and down the block. Seriously, if you’re not already waiting, it’s too late.

Because if there’s one thing Gilmore Girls fans love, it’s coffee.

Many locations were adorned with a cut-out of Luke holding a sign reading, “NO texting while ordering, man buns, taking pictures of food, headphones.” And, “If I can hear your music through your headphones, why are you wearing headphones?” It’s good to almost have that ol’ sourpuss back. There’s another reason for Gilmore Girls viewers to celebrate today: It’s the 16th anniversary of the pilot. As far as first episodes go, it’s pretty strong. Everything that makes the show Gilmore Girls is already there: the quick dialogue, the pop cultures references, Graham and Bledel’s unparalleled mother/daughter chemistry. I bet they haven’t lost a beat in A Year In the Life.

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