Here’s The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Maisie Williams Would Cross Off Arya’s List

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This season of Game of Thrones hasn’t been the most exciting for Arya. Lather corpse, rinse corpse, repeat on another corpse. In an interview with EW, all Maisie Williams would “tease” for the next four episodes is that “I think it’s the first time that Arya’s story is really only complete when you look at all 10 episodes,” so that’s not helpful at all. Do they serve black and white cookies in the House of Black and White? Questions need answers, No One. Luckily, the rest of Maisie’s chat was more enlightening. Here she is on playing nice with the rest of the cast:

Every actor always says their cast is like one big family. But is there anyone on Thrones you don’t get along with?

As the show gets bigger, it’s just the law of averages, right? You get a big group of people, there are going to be a few that you just don’t click with, and that’s definitely the case. I hope that no one doesn’t like me, but you just don’t click with some people and you just stay friendly and maybe someone’s a bit quieter and someone’s got a bigger personality. You think, “Oh, that’s a bit strange,” or “We didn’t really click.” But you don’t have to sit with them because there’s 70 million other cast members. The times when we really get to see each other and socialize is like, in a sick hotel like this, no one’s tense. They’re all pretty happy.

And who she’d cross off Arya’s list:

The Red Woman. She’s bad news to everyone. [Melisandre has] been underestimated. She’s got a lot of power over everyone and ultimately she can be a really dangerous person. Arya doesn’t know that, but Maisie as an audience member knows that. We are seeing cracks in Cersei, but Melisandre doesn’t look like she’s losing steam anytime soon.

The last time Arya and Melisandre ran into each other was when the Red Woman took Gendry from the Brotherhood. Considering Arya’s reaction to seeing him with his shirt off…

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I get where Maisie is coming from.

(Via: EW)

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