Someone Else Has Allegedly Confessed To The Crime At The Center Of ‘Making A Murderer’

Nearly a year has passed since the second part of Netflix‘s hugely popular documentary series Making a Murderer premiered. When that happened, several years had passed since the program first debuted in late 2015, when it first took audiences, critics, and the Internet by storm. And in all this time, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s defenders and accusers have struggled to maintain the high ground in the zeitgeist. Now, the director of a rival series, Convicting a Murderer, has dropped a massive new bombshell.

According to USA Today, Shawn Rech revealed that a Wisconsin inmate whom his team interviewed for the 10-part, in-production documentary series has allegedly confessed to the murder of Teresa Halbach. The inmate, Joseph W. Evans Jr., was supposed to be offering the crew “further incriminating” evidence against Avery and Dassey. However, Rech said, “rather than support his statements,” Evans “abandoned them and confessed.”

Of course, law enforcement officials have yet to verify anything that Evans told Rech and the Convicting a Murderer team. “On the ‘no’ side, he’s a proven liar; he himself has proven he’s a liar,” the director told USA Today. “He’s a convicted felon. On the ‘possibly’ side, he’s a convicted murderer in the state of Wisconsin, he was free at the time of (Halbach’s) murder, so I don’t know.” In either case, audiences will know more once Convicting a Murderer begins streaming on one of the many, many platforms that are now (or will soon be) available in 2020.

(Via USA Today)