‘The Mandalorian’ Helped Disney+ Finally End Netflix’s Streaming Ratings Domination By Beating ‘The Office’

Michael Scott has finally been taken down by the galaxy’s most fatherly bounty hunter. The Disney+ series The Mandalorian beat The Office and Netflix in the digital streaming ratings back in mid-December, making a bit of streaming history in the last weeks before The Office jumped to another streaming source.

According to Variety, Nielson reported on Thursday that for the first time since it started tracking streaming numbers, a Netflix show was not in the first slot of its Top 10 programs list.

For the week of Dec. 14 — in which the season 2 finale of the “Star Wars” spinoff series delivered a healthy heap of fanservice in its surprise cameo and plot twist reveal — “The Mandalorian” blasted off to the top spot of Nielsen’s Top 10 programs list, edging out the mid-aughts workplace sitcom led by Steve Carell. This win marks the first time that a non-Netflix show landed at number one on Nielsen’s streaming ranker. “The Mandalorian” also set a weekly record for the Disney Slus series, scoring around 1.34 billion minutes of viewing time.

It certainly speaks to the sheer number of subscribers Netflix has that it took the season finale of The Mandalorian to finally supplant Netflix, let alone the fact that a new episode was required to beat a show that went off the air in 2013. Interestingly, the show that Grogu and Mando had to compete with most fiercely is now no longer on Netflix, as The Office moved to Peacock at the start of the new year. Netflix certainly seems to have a long list of other competitors for the streaming throne, as every other show in the Top 10 is a Netflix show, including Virgin River and holiday movies like A California Christmas.