Marco Rubio Tells Fox News He’s Down With Wu-Tang Clan But Can’t Name A Member

Senator Marco Rubio appeared on Fox News to throw himself on the pulpit known as Outnumbered. Rubio, who is gunning for a GOP nomination, wished to discuss hard-hitting issues like immigration reform (so naive, that Marco Rubio). Instead, our Fox co-hosts wanted to know about his professed love for rap music.

Rubio may not have expected this ambush, but he set the stage. In 2011, Rubio discussed his love for Tupac’s poetry and the “transformative” nature of mid-1980s Public Enemy. He also previously claimed he “always gets in trouble” when showing off his musical taste, which ranges from Nicki Minaj to Coldplay to “a guy from Miami, Pitbull.” During his visit to Fox, Rubio again showed off his knowledge that Pitbull hails from Miami.

Rubio ultimately failed to hold his game against the Fox ladies. He claims to be a massive fan of Wu-Tang Clan but couldn’t name his favorite member when prompted. Dude can’t even muster up a “RZA” or “Ghostface Killah.” Who are you, Marco Rubio?

Rubio then admitted his musical leanings have been influenced by Sirius XM. The “Backspin” channel exposed him to 1990s West-coast tunes such as Dre and Tupac: “The stuff that came out of the west coast in the 1990s when Dre and, you know, Tupac went west coast and abandoned the east coast and all that. That was a good time.” To which the hosts responded, “You’re fun!”

To be fair, Sirius XM can work deceptive magic. After tearing down the highway to the “Liquid Metal” channel, one may find themselves downloading Five Finger Death Punch. True story.

(via The AV Club & Gawker)