Mariah Carey Reportedly Will Be On ‘Empire’ Season Two

Mariah Carey is primarily known for being a musician, on account of the fact she is one of the most successful musicians of all time, but she’s done a little acting as well. Forgetting her run in Glitter, her best work has probably been in Lee Daniels’ Precious and The Butler. Currently, Daniels is working on Empire, one of the hottest shows on television, and it’s also a show that is based in the music industry. As such, perhaps it is not surprising that there are reports that Carey will be appearing on Empire in its second season.

Daniels was present at Carey’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, where he apparently let it slip that Carey will be joining Cookie and company on Empire next season. However, details are scarce at this point, and it actually seems that we’ve already learned more details than we were supposed to. Daniels has said that he cannot divulge any details about Carey’s character or role, and joked that he’s already in trouble with his publicist for spilling the proverbial beans on this one. “She has certainly proven herself, good lord. Repeatedly. I’m very excited to see where she goes on Empire,” he said to Variety.

Fans were already very excited for the second season of Empire and its crazy primetime soap opera action. The presence of one of the biggest musicians in history like Mariah Carey will only make things more intriguing.

(Via Variety, h/t Vulture)