Matt Damon Acts Out All Of His Memorable Roles On ‘The Late Late Show’

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09.30.15 2 Comments

On James Corden’s first Late Late Show, he helped Tom Hanks act out all of the Oscar-winner’s biggest roles in one sitting. Arnold Schwarzenegger did the same thing when he was on with Corden, with great results. Now with Matt Damon making the late night push to promote The Martian, Corden got another chance to play a game of Role Call with the Good Will Hunting star. After all that acting at once, a therapy session might be in order, or something like that. Damon’s treatment here is a little better, at least.

This really cleared up a few things for me. Not understanding the point of The Adjustment Bureau had nothing to do with my lack of sleep, it was literally just an odd movie. Invictus was indeed the slow-motion rugby fest I assumed it would be, with Morgan Freeman. And Stuck on You is a movie that exists, prolonging Greg Kinnear’s career just a little bit longer. You learn something new every day. In this case, it’s about Matt Damon films. And just what it takes to amass a large collection of famous friends who will help you star in movies.

(Via The Late Late Show with James Corden)

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