Matthew Perry Revealed That He’s Been Hospitalized For Three Months

09.16.18 9 months ago 3 Comments

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Matthew Perry took to Twitter for the first time in around half a year to reveal he’s spent the last three months in the hospital.

The reason was revealed to the press in August: He checked into a Los Angeles hospital for gastrointestinal surgery, specifically to repair a ruptured bowel. The Friends alum, now 49, did not reveal any details — whether he had been discharged, whether he’s still in the hospital, if he’s fully recovered, etc.

According to the Mayo clinic, his condition — a gastrointestinal perforation — occurs when a hole develops in the lining anywhere between the throat to the rectum. It can be caused by various factors, including Chron’s disease, appendicitis, and ulcerative colitis. The condition is life-threatening.

While surgery to repair a perforation is usually successful, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, complications can occur, such as infections.

Perry has wrestled with health issues over his career, including substance abuse problems, about which he’s been candid. He has been sober the last 17 years.

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