Meanwhile, Huell Is Still Waiting In The Safehouse…

Sure, everyone is talking about Breaking Bad, but is anyone talking about poor Huell, who we last saw rolling over faster than a hungry golden retriever desperate for a treat? Why not? I mean, now that, you know, happened, who’s going to tell him that it’s safe to come out? Is he just going to be left to sit there and die?


Anyway, enjoy the one hour long YouTube video of Huell waiting embedded above. Here’s the tracklist…

List of Songs:

0:14 Summer Samba — Walter Wanderley

3:19 Girl from Ipanema — Walter Wanderley

5:52 Spanish Flea — Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

7:53 It’s Easy to Say Goodbye– Walter Wanderley

9:55 (Unknown title) Elevator Music. Link to song:

10:54 Beach Parade — Armando Trovaioli

12:34 Girl From Ipanema — Astrud Gilberto

15:22 It’s A Lovely Day Today — Astrud Gilberto

18:01 Beloved Melancholy — Walter Wanderley

20:38 Taste of Sadness — Walter Wanderley

23:31 Beach Samba — Walter Wanderley

27:21 Call Me — Walter Wanderley

29:46 Cry Out Your Sadness — Walter Wanderley

32:32 Great Love — Walter Wanderley

35:32 Song of the Jet — Walter Wanderley

38:11 Cried, Cried — Walter Wanderley

40:34 Rain — Walter Wanderley

44:23 The Late, Late Show — Milt Buckner

48:01 The Beast — Milt Buckner

50:22 (Unknown title) Jazzy Elevator Music.

54:23 (Unknown title) Wacky Deli Mayo, Rocko’s Modern Life.

55:32 Smooth Jazz from Portal 2.