Melissa McCarthy Uses Her Entrance Into The Five-Timers Club To Give A Mother’s Day Tour Of ‘SNL’

Melissa McCarthy entered the five-timers club on SNL this week, joining Scarlett Johansson and Alec Baldwin as this season’s major hosting milestones. To celebrate, she decided to use her special night to pay tribute to some of the mothers in attendance for Mother’s Day. We’ve gotten the look backstage before on many occasions — including this season with Jimmy Fallon — but there’s always something special in store when it happens. And a llama. There’s always a llama.

After McCarthy meets some of the mothers in attendance and chats a bit from the stage, the tour is on with a pantsless Alec Baldwin fresh from his cold open appearance as Trump and “Blake Mooney.” Hopefully, that was part of the opening or I kinda feel bad for Kyle Mooney getting his name forgotten coast-to-coast.

We also get a special appearance by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, two very beautiful famous people just hanging around backstage at the show. Why not? This is just a common occurrence, I’m sure. They don’t actually have a home, they just share a bathroom with Lorne Michaels and eat from craft services. Summers are hard, but that’s why Weekend Update is coming back on Thursdays. We need to feed the pretty famous people.

Too bad The Rock is hosting next week. He’s going to eat it all.

(Via SNL)