A Former ‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Has Some Harsh Words For Rick Grimes’ Storyline

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12.15.18 5 Comments


Michael Cudlitz, who played Abraham on The Walking Dead, is no longer on the series, but he’s still party of The Walking Dead family, having directed a recent episode of the series (“Stradivarius“). That hasn’t stopped the star of the ABC sitcom The Kids Are Alright from criticizing the AMC hit show, taking direct aim at basically the entire Savior storyline, which dominated seasons seven and eight after his character left the series.

Cudlitz even suggested that, instead of killing Glenn, Negan should’ve taken his baseball bat Lucille to Rick’s head:

“Let’s be real clear, if he was gonna kill anyone other than me and I had a choice, it would be Rick,” Cudlitz said at Walker Staler Con Atlanta. “Because how many more people was that asshole gonna get killed? He continued:

“Hey, I got a plan, let’s show up to where all the Saviours are with 500 weapons, have them step 15 feet out into the balcony unarmed, and shoot the windows out above his head.’ You all know that sucked,” Cudlitz continued. “It was like the A-Team showed up,” he continued as he imitated Negan. “He’s right there! He’s right there! He walks out the door. It’s not even like he peeks out. He’s like ‘Well, Rick! Ha ha ha! We better run!'”

Cudlitz is not wrong. Negan pranced around in front of Rick and a huge firing squad and basically dared them to shoot, which would have cut the entire Savior storyline nearly a season short.


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