Michael Strahan Will Join 'Good Morning America' Following Josh Elliot's Departure

When it comes to dominating sports, being hilarious on Sunday football coverage, and winning us over on network morning shows, who knew Michael Strahan would be the guy that does all of them? News is coming in this morning that Strahan will step into be a part-time host of Good Morning America in the wake of Josh Elliot leaving. Via Business Insider:

Michael Strahan is expected to join the cast of ABC’s Good Morning America on a part-time basis, CNN, The Associated Press and other outlets are reporting.

He has Live! With Kelly and Michael and now GMA? When you retire, you’re supposed to be sleeping in, not waking up early on weekdays! Strahan must be a mad man. Even we were a bit skeptical about Strahan replacing Regis, but he seems to have found his second calling.

Strahan will join Elliot’s replacement Amy Robach, new weatherperson Ginger Zee plus mainstays Lara Spencer, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

Well, I will still watch this in the morning instead of the other morning shows. By watch, I mean it will play in the background of my place while I mindlessly try to get stuff done. Picking out all the marshmallows in my Lucky Charms is tough work.

(Via Business Insider)