Sia Almost Outdoes Adele During ‘Carpool Karaoke’ With James Corden

It’s hard to top Adele when it comes to her Carpool Karaoke appearance. Among the multiple artists that have appeared with James Corden for a little ride along, Adele stands at the top of the heap with her voice and popularity. But Sia does a damn good job at going for the crown.

After getting a little help to step into the car, Sia showed that she’s got some pipes on her and is a pretty entertaining guest too. Not only can she carry a dozen eggs on top of her freak hands — something I say because I’ve had similar things said about my hands — and she discuses aliens a bit. There’s also some fun when she goes back onto the CBS lot with Corden, due to the whole face cover.

But it’s her voice that really stands out. I don’t know if she saw Elton John and Adele and thought she had to show up with her “A game” or if this is just normal for her. It was impressive, though. You can wear whatever you want with a voice like that.

It’s now up to Tom Waits to show up and blow both pop stars out of the water with his smooth voice straight out of Heaven. If Corden can ever land that guy, we’ll be having a much different discussion.

(Via CBS)

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