Sia Almost Outdoes Adele During ‘Carpool Karaoke’ With James Corden

Managing Editor, Trending
02.17.16 2 Comments

It’s hard to top Adele when it comes to her Carpool Karaoke appearance. Among the multiple artists that have appeared with James Corden for a little ride along, Adele stands at the top of the heap with her voice and popularity. But Sia does a damn good job at going for the crown.

After getting a little help to step into the car, Sia showed that she’s got some pipes on her and is a pretty entertaining guest too. Not only can she carry a dozen eggs on top of her freak hands — something I say because I’ve had similar things said about my hands — and she discuses aliens a bit. There’s also some fun when she goes back onto the CBS lot with Corden, due to the whole face cover.

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