Mikhail Gorbachev Asked George H.W. Bush To Spoil ‘Twin Peaks’ For Him

My introduction to Mikhail Gorbachev was, like most things in life, in a Simpsons episode. “Two Bad Neighbors” pits Homer against George H. W. Bush, who receives an unexpected housewarming present-carrying guest in the former Soviet Premier. Life imitates art imitates The Simpsons, because once again, Gorbachev and American pop culture have intersected, this time over one of TV’s greatest mysteries: who killed Laura Palmer?

In an excerpt from Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks published this summer, author Brad Dukes cites Jules Haimovitz — then-president of Aaron Spelling Productions, which produced the show — as describing an incident in which the two leaders of the world’s main superpowers allegedly tried to wield their authority to make the show’s creator and director, David Lynch, reveal who the killer was, according to a scanned copy of a page in the book posted on Twitter by composer Ryan Walsh. (Via)

A colleague of Haimovitz’s got a phone call from Aaron Spelling Productions co-owner and friend of George Bush, Carl Lindner, who wanted “to know who killed Laura Palmer.” Haimovitz didn’t know the answer, so he contacted David Lynch.

“I called David and he says, ‘I can’t tell you.’ I don’t want to press David, so I call Aaron back to say, ‘David won’t tell me, who wants to know?’ and he says, ‘President Bush.’ What happened was Gorbachev called Bush, who called Carl, who called Aaron, who called me,” Haimovitz is quoted as saying.

Haimovitz reportedly called Lynch again to demand to know the name of the killer. “That’s when I realized David [Lynch] had no idea who killed Laura Palmer.” (Via)

The answer was right in front of us the whole time: the log did it.

Via the Moscow Times