Mila Kunis Was Working At Rite Aid’s Ice Cream Counter While ‘That ’70s Show’ Was On The Air

Mila Kunis dropped by The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, and during the interview she described her strict upbringing. Apparently when she was cast on That ’70s Show, her parents both worked full time, so dropping Mila off and picking her up at the set had to be coordinated around their work schedules. The tight schedule often resulted in Kunis staying at Rite Aid, where her mom was employed, until closing, working at the store’s ice cream counter.

And no, if you’re wondering, this wasn’t limited to while they were filming the first season — Mila says she was still working at the Rite Aid with her mom after people started recognizing her, and got more than a few confused glances from customers wondering why Jackie from That ’70s Show was serving them ice cream. If only that nice Kutcher boy would have offered her a ride home…