Miss Colombia Says ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ In Video Taken After Steve Harvey’s Blunder

How are you holding up three days on from the most uncomfortable crowning moment in Miss Universe history? Host Steve Harvey’s blunder made for spectacularly cringeworthy TV and it seems like everyone’s weighed in on the matter. Meme generators were thrilled, Colombians were pissed, Miss Germany fueled conspiracy theories, Big Porno came calling and someone a lot of people find sleazier than Big Porno gave his two cents. Hot takes were in abundance, basically.

As you read here on UPROXX earlier today, Miss Colombia has weighed in on The Great Decrowning Of 2015 via social media. In a post on Instagram, Ariadna Gutierrez provided a gracious take on Harvey’s mistake, expressed joy that Colombia was given a bit of the limelight in the aftermath and congratulated Miss Philippines on her win.

Let’s direct your attention to the video at the top of the post. It’s a slice of Facebook video that was taken right after the whole kerfuffle. It features no stunning revelations, but it does show Miss Colombia doing her best to stay positive in the aftermath.

“Everything happens for a reason so I’m happy,” said a teary but resilient Gutierrez in the clip. “Thank you for voting for me.”

Judging by the enthusiastic “WE LOVE YOU” reaction that bubbles up from her fellow contestants in the video, we’re pretty confident Miss Colombia had a lot of people on-hand to console her on Sunday night.