Montel Williams Had A Thing Or Two To Say About Josh Duggar On Twitter

05.22.15 3 years ago 11 Comments
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When allegations surfaced that Josh Duggar of the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting had inappropriate sexual contact with his four sisters and one “at least one other underage girl” as a teenager, people had really strong opinions. The hypocrisies of the Duggar family are rich and layered, but one particular thing that sticks out — which Vince mentioned earlier — is that, until the scandal broke, Josh Duggar had been working for the Family Research Council. This is an organization that not only actively lobbies against LGBT rights, but claims that homosexuals are harmful to children.

That was the point that Montel Williams, perhaps the most outspoken of everyone so far, nailed home in this scathing Twitter rant yesterday after the allegations broke, calling the eldest Duggar a “bigot,” “scumbag,” and “slimebag.” Really, any form of “bag.”

Williams followed up with a Facebook post fully explaining his position:

As of now, TLC still has yet to comment.

(Via Us Weekly)

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